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Laura Hopson

Started working for Agility Press in July 2017. Previously worked retail copy centers at both Staples® and Office Depot® as a supervisor.

Why I like working at Agility Press

It is so much calmer and nice working at Agility Press as opposed to working copy center in the retail setting. I really feel that working for this company is like working for family where they care about your well being and want you to succeed. Working at Agility Press allows me to have a life outside of work to spend with family and friends.

Why I don’t like working at Agility Press

My only complaint is I’m not as active and moving as much as I was working retail.


Graduated from Keiser University with an A.A. in Medical Assisting and a B.A. in Health Services Administration.

Was on the Dean’s List for an entire year while studying Health Services Administration.


Exploring nature and visiting state parks, playing video games, traveling, taking naps, Baseball (Go Shrimps!)

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