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There are two easy ways to send us your files:

  1. Email your art files to your Customer Service Representative (up to 20 megs)
  2. Upload files over 20 megs to Agility’s Sharefile site.
    1. For your personal Sharefile folder Please contact your Customer Service Representative at 904.731.8989 to get your secured personalized Sharefile login credentials.

A few helpful tips when preparing your files:

  1. Make certain that your document size matches the trim size of your project.
  2. Allow 1/8” (.125”) bleed for any pictures, graphics, text, or any other objects which either touch, or “bleed,” or run off of the edge of the page.
  3. Work only in CMYK not RGB color.
  4. For best results all pictures should be approximately 300 PPI (pixels per inch) effective resolution as placed in your document at 100 percent.
  5. Make sure the PDF is high resolution. If you supply us with a low resolution PDF, the output results may not be what you desire.
  6. If you provide us with the native files, please make sure you “collect” or “package” all the fonts and links used in the document, with the final step being compressing the whole folder with a program like Stuffit or Winzip.
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