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Once your print job is complete, we can handle all aspects of the mailing process with our new state-of-the-art mailing software and equipment. This department also offers variable data and mail matching using Intelligent Bar Code Readers for 100% accuracy. Other services include ink-jetting, tabbing, inserting and all other aspects in commercial mail processing. All mailing processes are completed in one pass for additional savings to you. Agility is one of the few HIPAA compliant mail facilities in the area and handle every list/mailing project as if it were a HIPAA project.


This service can include special packaging, bundling with other projects, on demand delivery, multiple location, shipping, mailing or whatever it takes to save you time and money.

Most printing companies don’t have time, personnel, or the inclination to go the extra mile. We do, so let us.

Agility Press Direct Mail Center Capabilities

HIPAA Compliance

HIPPA LogoAt Agility Press, we understand that the privacy of your clientele is of utmost importance.

We took steps several years ago to become HIPAA compliant so we may offer several layers of privacy and security to the process of handling your mail.

What does being HIPAA compliant offer our customers?

Technical safeguards like access controls, authentication policies, and encryption transfer policies along with a separate HIPAA workflow using a proprietary file server.

Physical Access controls include HD cameras in our mail center, combination door locks and restricted areas, along with workstation control policies.

Jeffery Kidd (Jeff)Administrative policies that include workplace security and employee oversight. These policies include information access management and security awareness training.

HIPPA Privacy Rules may be applied to any industry in order to make sure your data is safe and secure and only the person to whom the mail is addressed gets to see it.

Direct Mail List Processing

At Agility Press Mail Center, we take any raw mail list and process it through the most updated postal software to get you the most efficient, cost effective mailing list available in order to save time and money in getting your mail into the mail stream as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost.

Direct Mail Inserting Department

Pitney Bowes, high-speed Flowmaster inserter, Ink jet Stations.

Flowmaster inserters have single sheet folders and intelligent input stations capable of reading Data Matrix Barcodes and mail matching using several inline cameras, and through programming, insert up to 7 multiple different inserts according to customized needs of each individual record in the database. Insertable envelope sizes range from 7.25” to 13”. Also available is the mail piece verification camera that actually photographs each mail piece after it has been addressed to satisfy and auditing needs.

Inline Tabbing Department

Agility Press Direct Mail Center employs two Jet 1 tabbers inline to accommodate any direct mail configuration that is required by post office regulations. Most companies have to do two passes through their single tabber when it only takes us a single pass. We use translucent 1” or 1 ½” tabs as required by the post office or we can apply labels and stamps from rolls as needed. This equates to greater efficiency and faster throughput.

Ink Jet Department

Our stand-alone ink jet department can accommodate mail pieces from 4” x 6” postcards to 10” x 12” magazines. All of our ink jet stations are Pitney Bowes Falcon equipped and have an extra print head redundancy in case of a malfunction.

Market Participation

Agility Press Inc. is a Corporate Sponsor for the North East Florida PCC (Postal Customer Council)

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