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William Kandah

William joined Agility Press in 2003. His career experiences include the ownership of a photo shop in Jordan. Prior to that he had worked for The Royal Scientific Society, which is one of the largest research centers in the Middle East. His role was to lead the National Water Analysis project, as the lead water lab technician. His main duties included testing drinking water and drain field water.

He truly enjoys working for Agility Press because he feels included and in his own words: “it feels like a big family”. He loves the solid relationships that he has developed throughout the years with his teammates.

William’s department is the last phase of the printing process. After pre-press and printing, he is responsible for tasks such as; cutting, stitching, folding brochures for the bindery and putting books together. He is the final quality control and approves the jobs, before the projects are finalized for delivery.

His hobbies include gardening, carpentry and spending time with his family.

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